Arianna Huffington's 3 Tips for Prioritizing Sleep - And Mine Too!

We live in a society that glorifies lack of sleep. We encourage employees to overwork. We give praise to those who brag about living on 4 hours of sleep. Unfortunately a lot of people do not change these bad habits until it's too late, they faint, it impacts their personal or professional lives or they are exhausted.

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Summer 2016 Gratitude Challenge: Week 4

You have made Grat-i-tude a regular part of your daily life. You have exercised your brain to think about things you are grateful for that may not have been top of your mind. Now it's time for the lightning round. The last 9 days of June are a mixture of topics and each day I want you to jot down the first thing that comes across your mind that you are grateful for when you read the topic. Of course you can expand from there and keep flowing. Write down the next thing you think of and then the next! And the next! And the next!

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Summer 2016 Gratitude Challenge : Week 1

Today is the first day of the Summer Gratitude Challenge! This is a day you can finally start to make gratitude a regular practice and see how it changes your perspective. To get started write down how you feel today. Also, try to write down everything you can think of that you are grateful for. We will do this again when the 30 days is over and you will be able to see how much your perspective on many things has changed and how much easier it is to think of things you are grateful for. 

So what do you do to participate in the challenge? 

1. On Instagram follow me @KatePSierra, check in daily for new daily challenges. Either comment with what you are grateful for or post a picture for what you are grateful for and tag @KatePSierra and #KSGratitude

2. On the blog. Comment on each weeks blog with what you are grateful for. 

3. You can also participate privately by either merely thinking about or meditating on what you are grateful for OR write down what you are grateful for in a gratitude journal, in your daily planner, or on a napkin. 

The point is that you merely thought about what you are grateful for. Somehow documenting your daily gratitudes I find makes me hold myself more accountable and to makesure I don't list the same things every day.

So here we go! Listed below are the first 7 days of the Summer Gratitude Challenge. 

Think air, water, dirt, bacteria, your body, a cool breeze, plants anything that comes from nature. 

Think your home, your bed covers, your coat, or even your favorite hat.

Think about your spouse, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, a kind stranger, your favorite shoes, your even your IPhone (millenials, I'm talking to you!). If you are grateful for a person send them a thank you card, a message on Facebook or a quick text! 

Think about things that really nourish your body like water and vegetables or things that you know are probably killing you slowly, but bring so much joy to your heart like chocolate brownie ice cream! Take a picture of it and post it on Instagram #KSGratitude and @KatePSierra

Think about electricity, running water, internet, heat, or cold. You could really get creative here. We have nearly limitless modern conveniences. Take a picture of your modern convenience and post it on Instagram #KSGratitude and @KatePSierra

Think about love, joy, sorrow, sadness, frustration, emotion, curiosity, music, hearing, or memory. You can choose anything that you literally can't put your finger on. Comment below with what your grat-i-tude is!

Literally, right now! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Right in this moment what are you grateful for? Let's free style. Is it the episode of Parks and Rec you are watching or maybe the TV you are watching it on, or maybe the time you spending with your kids or the book you are looking forward to reading in bed. Take a picture of it and post it on Instagram #KSGratitude and @KatePSierra

Comment below with what you are grateful for every day or take a picture and post it on Instagram @KatePSierra and #KSGratitude

Thirsty Thursday (Friday) - Stuck in an Airport Edition

It's Thirsty Thursday! OK, sorry it's Thirsty Friday this week. I want you to know this is a one woman shop and all of the content that comes out comes directly from my heart, so if a post is late like today, I probably had good reason. Check out my blog to see what has been keeping me so busy. Here's a hint, this week's edition is the Stuck in the Airport Edition. 

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