The 10 Items you're not Packing that you Should

5 Items You're not Packing in Your Carry-on 

1. Tea bags:

I do this all the time. If you travel a lot you tend to get tired of the same drink options on airplanes, unless you're a creature of habit of course. Even if you don't travel frequently you might want a different option than coffee, water or pop. I bring tea bags with me. They don't take up a lot of space, you can bring multiple flavors and caffeine levels and all you have to do is ask for a cup of hot water. You can do this on the plane or even at Starbucks in the airport. I personally like Yogi Tea because of the cute tags and multiple flavors.

2. Kodiak Cakes + Fruit:

If a flight has a departure time of anytime before 10am I can guarantee you I am not making breakfast before leaving the house. I then have two options. I can either spend way to much for a breakfast that is less than wonderful or I can prep something to bring with me. My favorite thing to bring with me is Kodiak Cakes. When we are at home we use the normal mix to make pancakes and waffles, but when we travel I get the ones in the to-go cups. You just add water, stir, and microwave for a minute. We do that twice, one for each of us and throw them in a paper bag with 2 bananas.

When everybody else is deciding between cookies, peanuts, or pretzels or (on really unfortunate flights), just pretzels we are chowing down on pancakes and bananas. We even bring a little syrup bottle in our liquids bag. Now that's dedication to the most important meal of the day.

3. A Bag in a Bag: 

You and I both know you are coming back from your trip with more stuff than you left with and you've already completely stuffed your bag with all of your travel "necessities." So how do you get all of your new treasures home? A bag in a bag. You just need a bag that folds up and fits into another bag. It will easily hid in your luggage on the way to your destination. When it comes time to go home, take it out, fill it up and it becomes your second carry-on. What you're looking for in this bag in a bag is a zipper so items don't fall out, a color or design that you and your traveling partner feel comfortable carrying across the world, and a compact size. 

4. Head to Toe Moisture: 

I found this out the hard way. When we went to Albequerque my eyes were so dry and bloodshot that I looked like I was jonesing for drugs. Not a recommended look when trying to successful and efficiently make it through TSA. Flying sucks the moisture out of your entire body and this is what I bring to deal with it. 

  • Eye drops
  • Rose Water Spray
  • Body Lotion
  • Chapstick

5. Small Purse:

I went through so many frustrating trips trying to figure out my system for keeping my ID and tickets handy and keeping my phone easy to grab and money easy to grab. I finally cracked the code. I found a small cross bod that opens easily, doesn't get in the way of my backpack and easily holds my IPhone 7. Win! Win! Win! This is a must. You might think you can easily grab your stuff out of your backpack or other carry-on, but having a separate small purse is the easiest way. Period.

Plus 5 Items I Never Travel Without: 

1. Book:

I always have a book in the laptop sleeve of my backpack. I always know where it is. (This is why I love my backpack. There are compartments for everything. They are all easily accessible and I use the same pockets for the same things trip after trip.) Right now I'm reading The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. Book review to come ;)

2. Pen: 

It's just a must and yet people rarely think to bring one. When it comes time to fill out customs papers my pen always makes it around at least my row, if not others. For domestic flights, how else are you going to do the sudoku in the back of the airplane magazine?

3. Headphones

Even if I just bring my Apple headphones that came with my phone it's necessary. Even if you're not going to listen to anything on your phone or tablet, your flight could have TVs with movies in the headrests. On rare occasions our airline carrier has attempted to charge for headphones. Ridic, I know.

4. Water Bottle

If you want water on a plane you can either bring your own in your own bottle (free), bring your own that you bought in the airport (upwards of $7), or get a teeny tiny glass on the plane. As I mentioned above flying makes you dry, drinking water will help combat that. 

5. Body/Face Wipes:

Sometimes our trips involve traveling overnight or going from a gross activity like hiking to eating out without the opportunity to go to a hotel. Or we check out of the hotel, go do one more activity and then go to the airport. Face and body wipes help you feel a little more presentable when times like this occur and make sure you don't offend the poor souls who are seated next to you.

Happy Travels!


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