21 Day Gratitude Challenge!


I will be adding Thursday posts on top of my weekly Sunday posts. I have noticed I tend to miss my blog in between Sundays. : )

Behind the counter wall at Over Easy in Omaha, NE.

Behind the counter wall at Over Easy in Omaha, NE.

            I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I believe if you tell the universe what you want it will deliver it to you, sometimes in unexpected ways. I started this blog for many reasons, but one reason is because I myself wanted to add more gratitude into my life.

            That said, I have been a part of a Lean In Circle at my work for over a year now and I absolutely love it. Every time we meet a new person brings a new topic. This week's topic…. wait for it…. happiness. How do you achieve happiness? Gratitude of course!  At the end of the meeting we decided to go around and share one thing we were all grateful for. This ended up being a really insightful part of the meeting. We got to know a lot about each other that we hadn’t before. Me, the gratitude whore I am, was just giddy inside. This was my dream come true; to meet with a group of people and talk about gratitude for an hour followed by a sharing circle! The hippie inside of me could hardly contain herself. Aaahhhh!

            We left the meeting with a couple take aways (sometimes we do this, sometimes we don’t). One take away was that we would all try to think of three things we are grateful for every day. Our group meets every 3-4 weeks so the perfect amount of time to build a habit and the perfect test to see how we felt on day 1 compared to day 21.

            Why don’t you join us and jot down or just think of three things you are grateful for daily. How to do this:

1.     Keep a journal and make a new entry every day

2.     Write your three things in your agenda

3.     Make a new post it note for every day and post them on a board or your fridge

4.     Just thinking, as always, the main point is that these thoughts crossed your mind

5.     Keep a saved Word doc and just keep adding to it every day

6.     Take pictures of three things you are grateful for and post them on Facebook or Instagram

7.    Comment below of course! Come back every day. 

Are you up for more of a challenge? We also discussed sprinkling in some RAKs (Random Acts Of Kindness). Find 101 RAKs here!

These are just a few ways you can do this. As always, you do you! That’s the only way to ensure you are 100% happy with yourself in the end.


            Today I am grateful for:

1.     Dinner with my dear friend who I haven’t seen for ages!

2.     A fantastic day at work

3.     60 degree weather in the forecast!!


What are you grateful for today? Comment below and let me know how the challenge is going. I will check in with you again on Sunday!