1 Week and Counting...

I am so excited my first official blog post is only a week away! So much has happened in my life I have actually completely revamped the first post. I am currently chugging away on it and can't wait to share it!

While you wait, find me on Instagram @KatePSierra and Facebook at katepsierra.org.

Today I am grateful for...

  • Tone It Up - my lifestyle program that I love! Find it at Toneitup.com
  • Crisp white shirts
  • Spending time with my esposo (husband)
  • Getting our new home situated, slowly yet surely
  • Reading new books: Currently reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz - Find it at Ourbodybook.com
  • Killer Lipstick! 
  • Heat! Especially on a cold and windy night like tonight. 

What are you grateful for? Comment below.