My First Video Entry into my Gratitude Journal

As I have talked about before there are multiple ways to practice daily gratitude and it does not need to be the same everyday. I am dipping my toe into the video pool. Check it out here!. 


Now you try the same thing! Every time you are feeling grateful whip out your phone and take a little video to capture what it is you are grateful for. When your day, week, month, or unspecified amount of time is over you can compile all of the videos and throw some music behind it for a beautiful video. 

Today I am Grateful for: 

  1. Relaxing at home
  2. My first video post!
  3. Planning my housewarming party. So fun!
  4. My new table runner. It adds so much color to our kitchen. 

Did you try this? Comment below with a link to your video.