Thirsty Thursday (Friday) - Stuck in an Airport Edition

So I did not post yesterday because I am going to Phoenix today and I had a TON to do, but now I am stuck in the airport for 4 hours and have plenty of time to put this together. Today's Thirsty Thursday (Friday) is the Stuck in the Airport Edition. Everything I am listing are things I found in the shop Zozo at the Minneapolis airport. Zozo is an eclectic store geared toward women and has plenty of stuff everybody won't want, but then it has little nooks where it seems everything appeals to you.

I love searching through stores like this, especially if I have time to kill such as today. So now onward to what I found.

Air Fresheners

Yes, you read that right, air fresheners. I know it is a random thing to like, but these are really cool. I am personally not really into artificial scents like car air fresheners. I bought a Hello Kitty one for my car when I first bought it and have been rocking it for 3 years now. Needless to say it no longer has it's original scent. These though are different. They have positive, affirmations on them! How cool is that! They say they smell like lavender, but I can neither confirm nor deny that. 

"Do More of What Makes You Happy" and this one comes with an adorable pink tassel. I'll just say it, my name is Kate Sierra and I am addicted to tassels and yarn pom poms! I would add them to everything if I could. That said, what a wonderful phrase, especially to send you off  into the day in the morning.  

"Go with the Flow" This is a great one especially for driving. Struggling with terrible traffic? Just look at this happy whale with a bird on its tail and you are sure to turn your mood around. 

"Kindness Matters" Need I say more? This is a beautiful one and I like how it is in a quote bubble so it looks like you are saying it. 

Mini Books

There were lots of little books in this store. I am sure you can imagine the kinds. Nothing you would actually sit down and read, but more the type of books you would sit out and your guests would thumb through stopping at random pages that stood out to them, either because they are visually appealing or because they had shorter quotes. 

These books on the other hand, have pages that you can tear out. Each page has a lovely quote or piece of inspiration and on the back is simply a spot for "From" and "To." So you can find applicable ones for the people in your life and give them to them. How great is that!

"It's the Little Things" Happy Notes to Share.

"i Think I'll Just be Happy Today." Happy Notes to Share. 

Odds and Ends

Everything else here doesn't really fall into any specific category except they are all things that brought me joy when I saw them. 

"You're Beautiful Don't Change" This is a coin purse. How funny. I love the colorful design and the saying makes me giggle. What more would one want?

"Live the Life you Love" They had a whole Day of the Dead section is where I found this great pillow. It is obviously fun, cheerful, and .... I think you could not miss the pom poms!

"Bucket List Box" This beautifully painted box contains a stack of small papers for you to write all of your bucket list items. As you complete them you can take them out of the box. What a great idea. I have spoken before about how you could also do something similar, but with positive happy things that happen to you. You can write each of these on a piece of paper and put them in a Joy Jar, then at the beginning of the next year you can review all the entries and see what a wonderful year you had. What a positive way to start the new year!

Today I am Grateful For: 

-Traveling to Phoenix with my husband

-Rocking my favorite midi gingham dress and new summer hat I bought at Target for $3!

-A day off of work

-The luxury of flexibility

What are you grateful for today? Comment and Like below!