What Mom Really Wants

If your mom is anything like my mom, she is impossible to shop for. She has very unique taste and if she really wants something she has already bought it for herself or it is too expensive to buy on a whim so she's waiting and if it's too expensive for her you can bet it is out of my price range. 

Over the years I have struggled to find gifts for her. Since I have been married I find it is helpful to have two people actively trying to hear her say, "Oh this is cool." or "I really like this." either in a store or while perusing a magazine or catalogue. We've had some major wins. One was a large bell from a store in downtown Omaha called Souq. She loves this store and my husband overheard her say she liked it. So we bought her one. And then another one for the next holiday. Score!

Another major win was a needlepoint purse I found at a Goodwill. Now mind you, at this point in my life I had already discovered, if she has not said specifically that she likes something, do not get it. I saw this purse sitting on the shelf and thought that it was really cool and definitely her style. The woman loves needlepoint. I stared at it on the shelf for a while, then I picked it up turned it around, took a peek inside. It was in great condition. I stared at it in my hands for while, all while hem hawing over whether she would love it or hate it. I put it in the cart and pushed it around the store for a while, still wondering, is she going to shout for joy when she sees it or give me one of those, "Oh .... neat," set purse down to the side. 

Well, the day came. I think it was her birthday, I had already prefaced the gift with, you are either going to love this or hate it. Always a great way to start the gift giving process. She opened it up and LOVED it! She was absolutely head over heals for it. 

My momma bear on her last birthday with the purse that she loves. 

Now what did we learn here. It took a miracle for me to find that one purse in all the Goodwills in all of the world that she would like. So look often and look early. I found the purse months before her birthday and kept it until the next occasion. I understand this doesn't help you for tomorrow. So what are our other options? This brings me to what moms really want, and I believe this is fairly universal. 

Moms appreciate acts and they appreciate you and they definitely appreciate acts that are preformed by you. Do you see what I'm getting at? They want payback. What has your mom done since the day you were born, maybe not so much in the last however many years..... fed you, bathed you, cleaned up after you, talked you through your problems, planned your extra curriculars, etc. What mom wants in return is for you to return the favor. 

One of the best acts I have ever done for my mom was cleaning her car. Not only did I clean her car, but I stole it from the parking lot at her work, took it to clean inside and out while she was working and returned it, leaving a card on the dashboard. Now mind you, my mom would have had a heart attack if she would have looked out the window while working and did not see her very noticeable vehicle sitting there, but it all worked out for the best. She definitely appreciated this act. 

This would be my famous (in my mind) homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese on rosemary bread with high quality cheese. Yeah, that's a literally larger than life Mona Lisa behind us. My husband Dennis is on the left and my lovely mother on the right. 

So what other acts can you do for your mom? 

- Make her dinner...

at your house not hers so she doesn't have to worry about preparing for guests. If you live with your mom, you can still make her dinner, but make sure you do all of the cleaning. 

- Is she going on vacation soon?

Offer to clean the house while she's away. Imagine how nice it would be to come home to freshly vacuumed carpets, a clean kitchen and bathroom, and a decluttered living area. An extra touch would be flowers on the entry way table. 

- Moms like spending time with their kids.

As we get older we tend to go off in directions trying to conquer the world: working, studying, building new relationships. I bet your mom would love to just spend time with you. Take your mom to the farmer's market, buy her a coffee and peruse. If you have more money than the $8 for the coffee, go from a silver star gift to a gold star gift and buy her the first thing at the farmer's market that she wants. 

Iced coffee and iced mocha at Blue Line in Benson; Omaha, NE. 

Iced coffee and iced mocha at Blue Line in Benson; Omaha, NE. 

- A well-written card

When it comes to my sister Rose, one thing I am jealous of is her ability to to put her heart on paper. Sometimes I think I have the best gift and then mom opens Rose's card, starts reading it to herself and then crying. My Strengths's Finder number one strength is Achiever, so being so obviously put in second place really burns. That said, write your mom a letter and tell her how you really feel about her. How you appreciate what she has done for you. How much you look forward to doing something together in the future. 

Thank you post card soon to be for sale at KateSierra.org!


Sometimes momma bear might need something, just not now. Give her coupons good for something in the future, such as a coupon for a car wash, a coupon for a brunch with her daughter/son, or a coupon for one lawn mowed. 

Any moms in the audience? What do you really want? Let us know in the comments below!

Today I am grateful for: 

-Staying on track with my Tone It Up Bikini Series for the first 2 weeks!

-Spending time with my husband at the Cinco de Mayo festival

-Family and friend time planned for tomorrow

-Getting the cozy cone put together more and more every week

What are you grateful for today? Comment below!