Congrats! You finished the Summer 2016 Gratitude Challenge!


Over the last 30 days you have practiced gratitude every day. Not only did you think about gratitude daily, but you stretched your mind to think about the daily challenge. Now we are getting back to our regularly scheduled programming. You can expect posts on home, self-love, positivity, and finding your joy! But what comes next in your life is really up to you! To make your life a little easier I created a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge Journal. The Journal is designed so you can keep Grat-i-tude a constant in your life. 

  • Printable

  • Weeks Easily Separated

  • The Whole Challenge at your Finger Tips

  • Keep all of your Grat-i-tudes in one Place

  • Tips to Keep you Motivated

Today I am Grateful for: 

  • My Chiropractor - I can move again!
  • Kodiak Cakes! Protein in your pancake mix, what else could you want?
  • Warm Weather
  • Air Conditioning
  • Eating Healthy
  • Vacations coming up! - Austin, Honduras, Mystery Trip!

What are you Grateful for today? Comment below!