Summer 2016 Gratitude Challenge: Week 2

Week one is over! How did you do? Did you think about gratitude everyday and did you find it easier to think about what you were grateful for as the week went on? If it hasn't yet, believe me it will and once it becomes natural to think of three or more things you are grateful for the more your mind will start to change from a natural state of want and need to a constant state of realizing what you already have. All it takes is a little bit of practice to get into that mindset. So here we go with week 2!


1. On Instagram follow me @KatePSierra, check in daily for new daily challenges. Either comment with what you are grateful for or post a picture for what you are grateful for and tag @KatePSierra and #KSGratitude

2. On the blog. Comment on each weeks blog with what you are grateful for. 

3. You can also participate privately by either merely thinking about or meditating on what you are grateful for OR write down what you are grateful for in a gratitude journal, in your daily planner, or on a napkin. 

The most important thing is that you are actively practicing gratitude everyday although writing down your gratitude helps in keeping yourself accountable and helps you notice trends in what you are grateful for. 

Week 2 is all about being grateful for loved ones. You can tag them in your posts, send them texts, or send them a post card. I have designed some really cute post cards, you can find them here! Who doesn't love getting something fun in the mail. You can make somebody's day with just this little gesture.

Days 8 - 14 Challenges are listed below. Let's go!

Think of the person who showers you with love or the person you’ve had to stand up to and therefore made you stronger. Tag them here!

Is it the girlfriend you text on the daily or the bestie who every time you hang out you run out of time before you run out of things to think about. Tag them here!

Is it the person who you can give a knowing glance and they know you need to let off steam, or maybe the person who pushes you little by little because they know what you are capable of, or maybe you are a stay at home parent and your beautiful children are the best coworkers, although maybe not the most articulate, you could ask for.  Tag them here!

Is it the person who actually let you in traffic this morning, or the barista who supplied you with your much need AM coffee, or maybe the biker who passed you on the trail who actually announced “Passing on your left!” or even the writer of the last book you wrote.

I am grateful for Shawn Achor who wrote The Happiness Advantage for being able to prove the laws of the universe I held to be true.

Think family, friends, pets, babies, strangers, the swallows nesting on your deck. Tag them here!

Think about your favorite body part, the fact that you are strong and capable, your quick wittedness, your sense of humor or how personable you are.

The cheerful birds that have taken residence on your porch, your pup that curls into bed with you at night, or the cat in those damn cat videos you can’t get enough of.

I am grateful for the baby birds who have recently made my porch their home. 

Want to go back to week one and check out the challenges? You can find them here!