Travel: Austin!

I live my life by following the good vibrations. I will take the "scenic" route through town instead of the interstate because that is where the good vibrations take me. I am seriously considering choosing one type of car over another because I get better vibrations from one dealership. When we landed in the Austin airport I felt the good vibrations. This was my kind of place. 

We went to Austin to see the DJ Hernan Catanneo. I'll cut to the chase, the concert was AMAZING. We let our inner club kids out of their boxes and boogied until we had to go back to our AirBNB just so we could get 2 hours of sleep before we had to go back to the airport. We found out later, the concert was still happening when we were on our way to the airport!

Hernan Catanneo 

Now let's get into what we got into in Austin. 

Street Art Scene: 

Every corner of Austin has something interesting to look at, something unexpected and something unique. You know how you go to some cities and you can predict what's around the corner, there will be a Walmart, a Payless and a Wells Fargo without fail. Well in Austin it isn't like that. Granted there might be a corner like that that we did not make it to, but the areas we went to were amazingly unique!

I felt as if it is a very, come as you are, kind of place. You can just show up, be yourself, and people are going to accept you. I am so grateful for a community that can pull this off, especially on such a large scale. 

Flora and Fauna: 

I love plants and I especially love how plants are different around the country and I super especially love a cactus that is larger than I am! Now I'm going to be frank, I had no idea that these types of cacti grew larger than humans, so this was SHOCKING when we started driving through Austin...SHOCKING. I felt like I was driving through a cartoon. I so appreciate these surprises in life. 

The Concert: 

The concert was absolutely amazing. You can check out more about Hernan Catanneo here. There's a good chance he will hit up a club by you some time in the future. He is constantly traveling the world. 

Hernan Catanneo, you can check out his podcast HERE!

Hernan Catanneo, you can check out his podcast HERE!

Everything Else: 

We were only in Austin for a day and a night, but man did we get a lot accomplished. We did a lot of sight seeing and have really started to accept being tourists. It's the best way to appreciate everything in a new city. We did some local shopping, hit up some art, and grabbed some amazing food...Argentinian steak anybody?

If we ever make it back to Austin, what else should we do? Let me know in the comments below!