5 Ways to Create a More Grateful Environment

It is easier to maintain a grateful heart throughout your day if you create a grateful environment in your home. Here are a couple tips for spreading gratitude throughout your home and you could even translate these tips into other areas of your life including your work space. 

1. Create vignettes that give you joy and include things that you created. 

If every time you walk into a room you see a curated group of items that give you joy, it will remind you of what you have, which is what grat-i-tude is all about. You will see knick knacks from your travels that remind you that you have been able to see the world outside of your front door. You will see books that you have been lucky enough to read or will one day read and grow as a person because of it. Include pictures of loved ones in your vignettes so you can be reminded them throughout your day. 

2. Include verbal reminders to remember what you have. 

Decor in 2016 has a lot of positive phrases to include in your home. You can either buy something at the store that reminds you of all of the great things you have in your life or you could even make one with a piece of plywood, paint and a brush! Let your creative juices flow! If you put your heart into something you create, you will love it even more than if you would have purchased it. You can always peruse the art aisle at stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls and take pictures of their products for inspiration.

3. Keep your gratitude within arms reach so it is there when you need it.

A trick I learned from The Happiness Advantage is to keep your grat-i-tude within arms reach. We as humans always tend to go with the path of least resistance. The further away something is, the least likely you are to do it. I used to move my gratitude journal around the house, but then started keeping it in my side table drawer, then I moved it to the top of my bed side table. I write in it a lot more now. Not only is my grat-i-tude journal within arms reach, but my bookmark is one I made, which makes it extra special. I love the extra big tassel. 

4. Keep thank you's ready and accessible.

On a similar note as number 3,  keep your thank you cards ready to grab. You might even want to pre-stamp a couple so when inspiration hits to send one, you just have to fill it out and pop it in the mail. Not only will it make the day of the person who you send it to, but it will make you feel great to send it. You can get a pack of 9 Thank you post cards here!

5. Figure out where you need to reinforce grat-i-tude in your life and create an affirmation.

I tend to get stressed about finances. If I spend a couple extra dollars than what I budgeted I tend to get more overwhelmed than is necessary. That is where I was before I read Gabrielle Burnstein's book, Miracles Now. In the book she recommended writing an affirmation to read before paying bills, checking your account balance, etc. I decided to put mine on a thank you, of course. It helps me get in a good mindset before possibly diving into a negative spiral. 

To: Universe

Thank you Universe, for providing me with the resources to pay these bills! I am grateful to contribute to the economy and to support my growing family!

-Kate & Dennis
— Miracles Now by: Gabrielle Burnstein

What do you do to keep your environments grateful? Comment below.

Today I am Grateful for: 

-A 3 paycheck month

-New brake pads!

-Back to back vacations

-Early morning workouts

What are you grateful for? Comment below!