4 Thank Yous to Always Send at Work

Frequently we think about how to be grateful in our personal lives. We receive a gift and we send a thank you. We encourage our children to send thank yous. We fill out surveys and leave comments about what a great experience we had at a store or on a phone call. Another area of focus we should have is in our career. Here are 4 thank yous you should always be sending at work. 

1. The Post Interview Thank You

Personally I have conducted interviews for 4 open positions throughout my career. I have only received one thank you. Although I did not end up hiring that person, they stand out as a person who is willing to reflect back on the interview and say thank you for your time. As hiring managers we rarely receive interesting things in the mail. To be perfectly honest in my role I receive a crap ton of returned mail. Far from exciting I can assure you. Next time you apply for a job I would encourage you to send a physical thank you.

What to keep in mind:

  • There were probably people who did not even make it to the interview round, so be grateful you made it that far!
  • Send it right away. Don't give them time to forget about you.
  • Make sure to include something personal. "I enjoyed discussing..." "It was exciting to hear about how your team..." 

2. The Person who did you a Solid

Let me paint you a picture. I joined a Lean In Circle at work years ago and built relationships with people in my group slowly over the years. Well one person set me up with somebody on her team so she could pick my brain about our group so she could decide if she was interested in joining. Well while talking the topic of local professional expos came up and I learned about one I really wanted to go to. I researched it and tried to get my company to pay for it, but it didn't seem likely, then to my surprise I got an e-mail saying I was chosen to have my entry paid for by our company!

What a fun turn of events if my original contact hadn't set us up to talk I would have never been able to attend such a kick ass event! So I sent her a thank you! If I hadn't sent her that thank you she wouldn't have known how that one contact she made for me really  made my day/week/month

3. The Thanks for your Time

After I had the above meeting I received a thank you from the person I met with. She was really just thanking me for my time. I found it so thoughtful. I assume anybody in my company is really busy all day long and I assume the higher you climb the ranks, the more busy you are. So when somebody takes the time to thank you for voluntarily taking time out of your busy schedule it really means something. 

4. The Drive By

Don't think that thank yous have to be written. Although it does show extra thought, a verbal thank you does wonders. It shows that you are recognizing what somebody else has done. What we do on my team is at the end of our daily huddle we literally go around and everybody shares who did them a solid the day before. Usually people have 1-5 people to thank because we are always helping each other. And the more we recognize other people, the more it makes people want to help each other. Everybody wins, including the company we work for. 

What do you do to say "Thank you!" to people at  your work? I'd love to see your comments below!  

Today I am Thankful for: 

  • New Opportunities
  • Time with Family and Friends
  • Attending Bootcamp at work