Book it! This is Just my Face by: Gabourey Sidibe

I bought this book at the Minneapolis airport and I never buy books at airports. There are so many opportunities to get them at discounted prices or for free that paying full price for a book seems ridiculous. That said, I did actually pay full price for this book and I did because the book kept popping up everywhere. They were talking about it everywhere and I took it as a sign that I needed to read it. Even though I was in the middle of 3 other books (I know you know what I'm talking about) I bought it anyway. I'm glad I did. 

There's something special about an autobiography that I love. If the author is honest there are such intimate details of somebody's life that you feel like you really get to know them apart from the public facing point of view of their work, their presence in magazines, and their social media feeds.

When I bought the book I knew nothing about Gabourey Sidibe except literally she was Precious in the movie Precious. I didn't even know her name was Gabourey Sidibe. Now that I've finished the book I know the delicate and interesting turns of her life. I honestly figured, she probably had a fairly regular life and then she would talk about her stardom and making Precious. Um yeah, she has had so much more than that in her life. 

I was considering adding a couple teasers about the topics that come up during the book, but decided not to because I really want you to read this quick and easy read. The telling of her life to this point is thoughtful, funny, honest and is told as if you are sitting at Starbucks with just chatting. She grabs you in the very first chapter with the story of her parents and it was from that point on that I started telling people, Oh my gosh I'm reading this book by the girl who played Precious and it is crazy!

I feel like I really know her and am glad she let us all in. It's inspiring to hear her story and how she has been able to take a high view on her past and find the common threads and then weave those threads through the book in a non-chronological manner.