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Summer 2016 Gratitude Challenge Begins June 1st

Are you looking to include more Gratitude into your day and your life? Do you find yourself slipping into negative spirals and need a way to pull yourself out? We all do this, don't worry! Practicing Grat-i-tude is a great way to turn your focus to all of the positive in your life and trust me we all have A LOT to be grateful for. After all, perspective is everything!

5 Things to Get you Ready for the Challenge

1. Come back here for daily Gratitude Challenges.

2. Decide how you are going to practice gratitude and get the tools you need: a journal, thought, pictures, conversations.

3. Click on Get Grateful Updates! above and get updated every time there is a new Grat-i-tude post. 

4. Journal or mindfully contemplate how you feel right now. Is there anything weighing on you? Are you feeling really joyful? Take note of any specifics so you can better notice the change you go through in the next 30 days!

5. Prepare for a noticeable change in perspective!

To kick it off ... what was the best part of your day today? 

The best part of my day, what I am grateful for today, is my new standing desk at work. 

What are you grateful for today? Comment and Like below! Post a pic on Instagram using the hashtag #KSgratitude